Interview Tips

The key to a decent interview is simply preparation. Everyone gets nervous when put under the spot-light; there are however three key ways to maximise your chances of pulling it off:

1. Do Your Homework

Prior to any interview you should look up the company in question; know what they do, how big they are and what would be expected of you - the more industry & company knowledge you have, the better. This highlights an interest on your part and can only result in good things!

2. Be Prepared For Question-Time

There are a number of dreaded questions - Why should we employ you? What are your weaknesses? These sorts of questions are designed to provoke self-reflection. Prior to the interview prepare for questions like these, write your responses down and simply practice in the mirror - just make it sound as natural as possible!

3. Show Your Ambition & Intent

There are two good ways to do this; body language & eye-contact and asking well thought-out questions (at appropriate times). Firstly, with body language; when you first walk in you should shake their hand, not weak and pathetic but likewise don't pull their hand off. Sit facing them during the interview not to the side, don't keep nervously touching your face/hair/jewellery. The key is to sit relatively still (natural shuffling is excusable), maintaining frequent but not constant eye contact. At the end of an interview, typically you will be asked if you have any questions - at least one relevant question is good. 2 is perfect - think about these carefully, make them job and industry specific and don't forget to shake their hand on the way out!