CV Advice

Whose CV Is This?

Your name should take pride of place - make it bigger than the standard text so that it's noticeable. A mobile number and email address are standard.

Create The Illusion of Space

Side bars are a great way to highlight professional skills, qualifications and experience. They draw the eye and are a perfect way to showcase yourself. 2 sides of continuous writing is the worst thing you could do - break it up! Include all necessary information in the most space efficient way possible. Remember that your CV is a paper representation of yourself.

Professional History

List your places of employment starting with the most recent. Job title? What did you do? Dates are essential, avoid lengthy employment gaps without an explanation. Highlight promotions and professional achievements.


Typically your education would go after your professional history - if however you are a recent graduate; put it first. What degree have you got? Where from? Studied A-Levels? GCSE's?

Additional Information

Do you have a valid driving licence? Do you have references available upon request?

CV Do's

Personalise your CV - you want it to stand out but there is a fine line between "standing out" and being an "eye sore". Page breaks, neutral colours for the side bar, noticeable headings, a clean layout - your CV shouldn't be cluttered; information should be easy to see - not weighed down with waffle.

CV Dont's

Stay well clear of unnecessary waffle. Don't lie, this could trip you up in the future. Ensure there is a consistency in terms of the fonts used and size of fonts. Check for spelling mistakes and grammatical errors.