Clients - Why Us?

Tried & Tested

For over 10 years, we at NB Personnel have been serving businesses in and around Royston, Hertfordshire. Based 100m from the train station and 1/4 mile from the town centre we are accessible and well-known; having ties with businesses, both large and small within a 10-15 mile radius of our town.

We are local, reliable & competitive.

Our Ethos

We understand that as a business, you want you vacancy to be filled by the best possible candidate - but how do you find them? Here at NB Personnel we go through a rigorous process of sifting our candidates; finding out about their professional achievements as well as determining their professional aspirations. We strive to find only the best.

We believe that in order to be able to offer you the best candidates; we need to get to know your business, its ethos & culture, its direction and goals. The best way to do this in our opinion is through a introductory, face-to-face meeting. If we thoroughly understand your working environment and professional philosophy then the hardest part is over. We offer tailor-made solutions to your recruitment needs.

If we don't already have your dream candidate on our database, we endeavour to find them! Here at NB Personnel, we take great pleasure in sourcing the finest candidates possible and successfully placing them in local businesses. We serve the Royston community; both residents and businesses alike.