Candidate Pack

Here at NB Personnel we like to make life as simple as possible - At the bottom of this page you will find a number of useful forms.

The Contract

We understand that being given a hard copy of a contract is just one more thing to potentially lose (but hopefully not!) Below is a copy of your contract - you can refer to it at any time or print out a copy for yourself.


For temporary workers, timesheets are obviously very important - they log the hours that you have worked ensuring that you get paid correctly. Below is a copy of an NB Personnel timesheet - please feel free to print off as many as you require - just remember that we need them by Monday!

Holiday Request Form

For every day that you work for us you will be accruing holiday - should you wish to take paid holiday you will need to fill out this form - it needs to be given/sent/faxed to your recruitment agent at least 1 full week before the first day of your holiday.


A very important form for adjusting your tax code when starting a new job. If you have just joined us and do not yet have your P45, this will work in its place temporarily.

The Temp Pack

The Temp Pack will give you some basic information about NB Personnel's code of conduct and hopefully answers some (if not all) of your questions. Should you have any questions that are not covered in this "Temp Pack" then please contact your recruitment agent.

Once again, thank you for choosing NB Personnel - We hope that you are enjoying your new role!